Caravan mattress templates and custom cut measuring guides

Please find below information to help you get the exact size and shape of your caravan mattress.

You have a couple of options in which to supply measurements.

  • Draw your mattress and fill in sizes and send via email
  • Fill in one of our measuring guides and send back via email or post
  • Create a paper template of your mattress – (best option) and send it to our factory

If you have a corner curved or an odd shape, we do stress that the perfect solution to getting the exact shape and size is to send a simple paper template of your mattress, this way we can simply place the template onto the foam block and cut around the shape.

If your mattress is a straight rectangle shape this is very simple, send us your exact measurements ad we will send you an email confirming the size and shape, once you have proofed and agreed we will cut the mattress to the agreed measurements.

Caravan memory foam do not take responsibility for measurements and shapes that are supplied by customers. Its down to the customer to provide accurate shapes and sizes in order to manufacture the perfect mattress.

Below are a few measuring guides to help you.


How to measure radius

How to measure radius

Shape A

Measuring form A

Shape B

Measuring form B

Shape C

Measuring form C

Shape D

Measuring form D

Shape E

Measuring form E

Shape F

Measuring form F