Memory foam pillows for a great nights sleep

Memory foam pillow from Caravan Memory Foam, choosing the best pillow for you is pillow is easy.  We have created two amazing comfortable memory foam pillows and used the same material in both. The only difference between the two is the shapes, so all you have to do is decide which shape you would prefer.

Shape 1 – is the classic memory foam pillow shape. Designed to be a classic style pillow, this enables you head to mould into the pillow. Ideal for people who like that extra support or cushion behind them.

Shape 2
– The curve memory foam pillow. Designed to fit above the shoulders and support the head. This pillow is lower than the classic and helps relieve neck pain and snoring. This pillow will take a little more getting used to because we are used to a classic shape, but once you have spent a few days then there’s no going back. Great support and amazing comfort.

Why a Caravan Memory Foam pillow?

Foam pillows are becoming more and more popular as people see the need for quality sleep in a comfortable bed. Caravan Memory Foam pillows are made of Memory Foam. Each pillow has been ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort.

The benefits of a memory foam pillow.

Caravan Memory Foam pillows have been shown to help alleviate a number of conditions such as tension headaches and migraines, teeth grinding and jaw ache, snoring and sleep apnoea, back and neck pain as well as soothing your muscles.

Caravan Memory Foam pillows help cradle your head and neck and offer a level of support that a standard pillow simply can’t compete.

This is especially true for older, worn standard pillows which can lose their bulk and bounce quite quickly providing even less support. Caravan Memory Foam Quality pillows will keep its integrity, support and ultimate comfort far longer than a conventional pillow.

Caravan Memory Foam pillows are hypoallergenic, so no more dust mites, it is probably more beneficial for an asthma or allergy sufferer to have a complete memory foam mattress and pillow so you achieve the ultimate in allergy protection.

What ever memory foam pillow you choose you will find it’s a much improved comfort compared to a standard pillow. Why not have the creature comforts of home when your on holiday.