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    Removable Quilted Soft Cover

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Memory foam pillow for that extra comfort whilst away on your holidays. Take the comfort of your home with you and get the best sleep possible.

Our classic moulded memory foam pillow is covered in a double jersey zip off cover. It is pure comfort! its crafted from our British made memory foam. Both soft and supportive memory foam is an ideal material for both pillows and mattresses. The Classic shape will mould to cradle your head and neck, aligning your spine for a fantastic night’s sleep. 

Standard pillows just can’t offer the same benefits of comfort as a memory foam pillow. While a standard pillow will initially be comfortable and plump, it can soon become unsupportive and flat.

Our memory foam pillows have been designed to look the same as a classic shape pillow but offer that extra support which results in better sleep and less stiffness.

Thousands of people suffer from poor sleep or pains around the shoulder and neck area, so many people don’t sleep on a supportive people which can cause pain and shoulder problems.

The classic shape pillow has been designed to give optimum support and comfort, resulting in less pain and more support. Many people also say it helps relieve pressure and snoring.

If you lie on any ordinary pillow, the air is compressed within the cells of the pillow, pushing back against you as well as downwards or over time it can just go completely flat not supporting you at all. This can cause pressure points in the head and neck which constrict circulation at the area of contact. The result can be discomfort or even pain over time.

Memory foam beats standard pillows on all counts. Memory foam is hypoallergenic; dust mites hate memory foam finding it impossible to live in the tiny bubbles that make up the material. Memory foam is supportive; by keeping your spine aligned it allows you to get a great night’s sleep.

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Hi Caravan Team, I do not have a query, i just wanted to say thanks! My caravan mattress arrived and they were perfect, i have slept really well for the first time in ages. I also wanted to thank you for your professionalism with my original query (i messed up), you sorted this so quickly and you were very kind. You have been a fantastic company selling brilliant products; i will recommend you to everyone! I would post a review but don’t know how! Thank you again