Caravan mattress factory company information

We have put together below some useful information about Caravan Memory Foam and our products, service which are available to help you to evaluate our company and products.

About Us Company Information

Caravan Memory Foam is a leading UK supplier of Caravan Memory Foam Mattresses, Memory Foam Pillows, Memory Foam Toppers, which are all, part of the impressive Caravan Memory Foam Memory Foam Product range.

The Caravan Memory Foam name has evolved to become one of the most trusted names in the Caravan mattress sector and as such Caravan Memory Foam products have become the UK’s popular choice. Caravan Memory Foam products are supplied to a wide market sector through our Internet site.

The Caravan Memory Foam Company History

The newly expanded Caravan Memory Foam management team, who help to drive and deliver best practice within the business, has over decades of experience in the bed and mattress industry.

Memory Foam Craftsmanship

We work on quality, craftsmanship comfort and price.  The success of the Caravan Memory Foam company is for combining quality with value for money, this has been fundamental in making Caravan Memory Foam a leading UK supplier of quality caravan memory foam products.

A unique blend of experience and expertise separates Caravan Memory Foam from other competitors along with an exceptional and unrivalled nationwide delivery network providing a home delivery service throughout the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

Continual investment in new Caravan memory foam products keeps the company fresh and up-to-date with modern trends.  We also pride ourselves on our Customer Contact Centre which encompasses a fully trained technical team to assist our customers with any queries or questions.

Quality control and continuous improvement are central to the company’s philosophy.

Attention to detail is crucial and Caravan Memory Foam strives to engender a total quality approach from every member of its staff from the material sourcing to the production team.

What Memory Foam Mattresses does Caravan Memory Foam sell?

Primarily caravan memory foam sell high quality, great value Visco-Elastic-Memory-Foam mattresses, pillows and toppers cut to your caravan mattress shape and size. Our range includes:

Comfort Caravan Mattress Range
Deluxe Caravan Mattress Range
Extreme Caravan Mattress Range
Supreme Caravan Mattress Range

Value Caravan Mattress Topper Range
Deluxe Caravan Mattress Topper Range
Supreme Caravan Mattress Topper Range
Memory Foam Pillows

Caravan Memory Foam Memory Foam Mattress Tailored made service!

Our custom tailor made memory foam mattress service allows you to have memory foam mattress made to any shape and size. So whatever size mattress you require we will make it for you, all you have to do is contact us.