About Carafoam Memory Foam Mattresses, Toppers And Pillows


Carafoam, the caravan memory foam specialists

Within the United Kingdom, Carafoam memory foam is a leading UK supplier of custom made memory foam mattresses toppers and pillows. Our products are organised into ranges to allow you to find the perfect memory foam product for complete comfort and support while you’re in your caravan.

We are passionate about Carafoam memory foam, as we believe high quality Visco-Elastic-Memory-Foam is of unbelievable value and provides the support and comfort everyone desperately desires.

Our memory foam products are of the highest quality memory foam, delivered to you from our UK based factory for low prices. Our factory direct prices ensure that you receive the best possible price for our memory foam products!

Atr Carafoam, we understand that the success of a holiday and day is connected to the quality of the sleep the night before,  and this is why we ensure our memory foam products will provide the supported and comfortable sleep you need each night.

Not only are our prices affordable for custom cut memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows for your caravan, we don’t even charge your for delivery – FREE UK delivery to your caravan is part of Carafoam’s overall experience, what more would you want?

Don’t wait; browse our range of Caravan memory foam mattresses, caravan memory foam topper and caravan memory foam pillows to find the perfect products for you!