The Carafoam caravan memory foam 10 year guarantee is a limited to your caravan memory foam mattress under the following terms:

Our 10 year guarantee covers the replacement of your mattress at your option for no additional charge if due to faulty workmanship during the first two years that it becomes defective.

Please note, that this does not include an expected increase in softness in the Vasco-elastic material; neither does it include a decrease in the slow recovery feature, as both do not affect the pressure relieving properties. Although, the guarantee does cover the deterioration of the Vasco-elastic material if there is an indentation of more than 2cm which is not due to a sag in the foundation, platform or the box spring.

If this defect occurs within the remaining eight years, please note that Carafoam will replace the mattress, by charging the purchaser a prorated charge. This prorated charge is the original purchase price divided by 10 (the number of years of the total guarantee) which will then be multiplied by the number of years that you have owned the mattress before the expiry.

The Carafoam caravan memory foam 10 year guarantee is guaranteed for 2 years for faults in material or workmanship, and then the following two years after the date of purchase, transportation costs will be the responsibility of the Purchases.

The guarantee will not apply if the mattress or the cover has been physically damaged which includes cuts, burns or is soiled or unsanitary, and is only valid to the original Purchaser of the mattress by providing a proof of purchase.