Motorhome mattresses and toppers from the uk largest caravan manufacturer

Get miles more use out of a new motorhome mattress

If you are lucky enough to own a motorhome you might like to consider a new motorhome mattress.  If your current mattress has seen better days or is not comfortable you could be getting a bad night’s sleep when it is not necessary.  There are many motor home mattress ranges available on the market, but we think that ours is the absolute best. We have been making motorhome mattresses for many years and know what our customers need for their motorhome and caravan beds.  We will make each motorhome mattress to order and to your exact specifications giving you peace of mind that your mattress will fit where you need it to.

A poorly made mattress could cause problems for your back as well as give you a restless night.  Our motorhome mattresses are made from the highest quality materials and finished perfectly by hand.  We will take measurements from you so that we can make your motorhome mattress to the right dimensions ensuring a perfect fit each and every time.  Because we have years of experience in the crafting of these mattresses you can be sure your new motorhome mattress will look and feel great and last for many years.  We give you the ultimate in comfort, style and affordability so why not take a look at our website today?

Other companies offer motorhome mattress ranges, but thanks to our wide range and affordable prices our range seems to come out on top time and time again.  Our customers come back to us regularly and also recommend our services to others.  When we take your order for your new motorhome mattress you can be sure it will be dealt with as top priority and made to your exact requirements.  Every mattress we make is subject to strict control systems and quality checks so you are assured that your mattress will arrive in perfect condition.

Making an order with us is easy.  Simply select the type of mattress you are after and place your order.  We will ask you for measurements and there is advice and assistance on our website on how to take measurements accurately.  If in doubt simply give our team a call and we will be more than happy to assist.  Accurate measurements are essential to the production of your new motorhome mattress so we will help you get it right first time.  We will work quickly to get your motorhome mattress completed as soon as we can.  In most cases we can have your motorhome mattress with you in around 48 hours which is great news if you need your new mattress urgently.

We can create a motorhome mattress for any area so whether you need a mattress for bunk beds, a double bed or a kingsize bed we can assist.  We give you a wide range of options to choose from a standard and deluxe models depending on your budget. Once you have experienced the quality and comfort of our motorhome mattress range we think you will be back whenever you need help with a new mattress.  We can also cut foam to fit your seating areas and supply mattress toppers and other products.