Static caravan beds with an amazing comfortable caravan memory foam mattress

How to find the best static caravan bed online

If you own a static caravan then it is important that you choose a comfortable and high quality static caravan bed.  There are many of these beds available on the market today, but many are of a sub-standard quality and simply won’t give you many years of use.  Our range on the other hand is another story and we only select the finest materials and foams for our static caravan bed range.  When you choose a bed from our range you can be sure it will stay looking and feeling great for many years.  Because we make each static caravan bed to order you are also assured of a perfect fit resulting in a much better night’s sleep.

The problem with static caravans is that their sleeping spaces are not of a standard size.  This means it can be a challenge to find a suitable static caravan bed to fit.  We resolve this problem with our custom size mattresses which are cut and crafted to fit any space no matter what shape or size.  When you order your new static caravan bed you can be sure it will fit into your sleeping area perfectly without any gaps or overlaps.  A poorly fitted mattress can shift about during the night resulting in a disturbed and uncomfortable night’s sleep.  We give you the comfort you deserve and many of our customers agree that they haven’t slept so well in years once they have tried one of our static caravan beds.

When we take your order we will ask you to take measurements of your sleeping area or your old mattress if you are replacing it.  You can choose from a wide range of mattress types on our website as well as mattress toppers for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.  Once we have your details we will get to work immediately to craft a high quality mattress that you will be absolutely delighted with.  We only use the best materials to make your mattress and our production team has years of experience in crafting mattresses.  We have assisted many customers across the country in finding their perfect mattress and would be delighted to assist you today.

We can also make static caravan beds to fit on boats, in motorhomes and also bespoke beds for the home.  If you need a mattress we can make it as long as we have the right measurements and your preferred choice of mattress type.  Our prices are the lowest around too so you can be sure of great value for money as well as high standards.  Each mattress doesn’t leave our workshop until it has passed our strict quality checks.  We will then ensure it is wrapped carefully so that it arrives with you in perfect condition.  If you are interested in buying a new static caravan bed today, our range fits the bill perfectly and we are sure you will find what you are looking for.